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Whether you’re interested in a small pet like a ferret, rabbit, or hamster OR perhaps a fish, reptile, or bird, we’ve dedicated this site to cataloging our expert knowledge on everything that isn’t a cat or a dog. Here you’ll find vet-checked advice and product recommendations for your unusual pet!

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Ferret’s Natural Food Diet

Like all animals, ferrets need a proper diet to maintain good health and maximize lifespan. When it comes to providing the right kinds of food, playing a guessing game will surely take a toll on your pet’s health, and will eventually lead to unwanted death. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means that they need a…


Belgian Canary

Scientific Name: Serinus canariaOrigin: Belgium Average Lifespan: 10 to 15 years Size: Up to 7 inches Color: white, yellow, and green Sounds: Chatterer Interaction: Somewhat social Physical Characteristics of Belgian Canary They are long and thin birds with a hump posture resembling the shape of a crescent moon. They are known as “type canary” which means being bred for its type rather…


Barraband Parakeet

Scientific Name: Polytelis swainsonii Origin: Southeastern Australia Average Lifespan: Up to 25 years Size: Medium, up to 16 inches Color: Mainly green Sounds: Relatively quiet Interaction: Highly social Physical Characteristics of Barraband Parakeet Their body is covered predominantly with green plumage down to their long tail feathers. The lower body is yellow green in shade. According to avian researchers, these birds don’t…

Bare-Eyed Cockatoo

Bare-Eyed Cockatoo

Scientific Name: Cacatua sanguineaOrigin: Eastern, Northern, and Northwestern Australia Average Lifespan: 50 years or more Size: Up to 17 inches Color: Mainly white Sounds: Whistler Interaction: Social Physical Characteristics of Bare-eyed Cockatoo The Bare-eyed cockatoo is mainly white in body feathers and have a shorter crest compared to other crested cockatoo species. They have a distinct…


Australian King Parrot

Scientific Name: Alisterus scapularis Origin: East Coast and ranges of Australia Average Lifespan: up to 25 years Size: large parrot, up to 17 inches Color:  Mainly red and green Sounds: Relatively quiet Interaction: Social Physical Characteristics of Australian King Parrot The adult male of this specie have striking red head and breast down to the lower body. The back plumage is green…

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