American Parakeet (Budgies)

Scientific NameMelopsittacus undulatus

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Origin: Australia

Average Lifespan: up to 15 years

Size: Small type, up to 9 inches

Color: Diverse in color but mostly coming from the shades of blue and green

Sounds: Frequent chatterer but low noise

Interaction: Social

Physical Characteristics of an American Parakeet

American parakeet specie is relatively smaller than their English cousins. They are available in different colors but most of the colors come from the bluish and greenish shades. Some of the color combinations for an American parakeets are sky blue, olive, cobalt, dark green, light green, yellow and other colors. Most of these color combinations are presented in different patterns like the spangle, mottled, pied, opaline, lacewing, crested, and buff.

The gender of an American parakeet can be determined after 5-6 months after birth but they can be easily identified compared to other species. Young budgies have black iris but as they grow the color transforms into gray. Their beaks too are black at birth but fades into light permanent color as they mature.

 Personality and Temperament

American parakeets are social in nature. They are a chatter but creates low noise unlike other chatter species. They are very active and curious. Furthermore, they are playful and they love to hop on every corner of their cage. They don’t get tired easily. The male species of this kind are much better chatterers than the female ones. Females are much quieter but they have a more playful personality than the males. Female American parakeets can also be more aggressive at times.

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According to expert bird breeders, these budgies could be better companion pets compared to the larger ones as they are less likely to acquire “psychological problems”. Moreover, when budgies are hand tamed, they can be very good and obedient pets. They are also great talkers when their vocalization are constantly utilized by communicating with them.

Dedicated pet bird owners who put their time training this specie will not frustrate as these birds are highly trainable. There are trainers who are able to teach this specie how to fetch little plastic balls.

Health and Care

Caring for this specie requires that you place them in a large cage where they can freely move around as they could be very active from moving, hopping, and flying around. Their movements should not be limited on the cage they are placed at. Large cages also give them enough room to exercise their wings which is highly important for their well-being.

The area in your home where you place them is also important. Make sure their location is not vulnerable to predators and that they are breathing on clean air. Because of their quite small size, these birds can easily contract lung problems as birds replace 100% of the oxygen in their lungs in a single breathing.

Since these birds are very common and can easily be maintained, some owners have the tendencies to neglect them in their cage.  Leaving them with just enough food and water. The abundance of this specie and the easy availability for pet owners to acquire them are some factors which make them a disposable pet for some owners who are not fully dedicated with birds.

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If neglected, these birds could easily contract avian diseases and malnutrition. It is important for the owner to do a regular routine of keeping these birds well fed and placed in a friendly environment. Their diet should also not be limited to bird seeds. Like any other species, American parakeets must also be fed with variety of bird foods and grains as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Too much consumption of bird seeds can lead to goiter and obesity.

History and Background

The American parakeet specie is one of the most kept birds in the US. They are cousins with the English budgies but are smaller in size. Their English cousins have bigger head and body. The term “American” in their common name is not their official name and was used only to compare them with their “English” cousins, but as the popularity of this birds grew, the name American parakeet has been constantly used.

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